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These days I’ve been so numb to everything. And frankly I’m okay with that

My grandparents divorced 22 years ago.
My grandma has remarried three different times
and my grandfather hasn’t even looked at another
When I asked him what went wrong,
he said, “You can love someone with everything
inside of you, but you can never make them
love you forever. I was a fool to think she
wouldn’t leave me.”
(via xo-heatherhintz)

Lang Leav on instagram


Lang Leav on instagram

What’s meant to be will always find a way
Trisha Yearwood (via feellng)

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So as I was coming home from my work lastnight, I took my regular routine got on the 99 for a good maybe 4 1/2 miles and took my exit to get on the next freeway, and I took a slight turn and to some guy stopped infront of my lane so I came to the side and he started tapping on my window,
And as I pulled down my window he asked if he can get a ride to the nearest exit because his car broke down and I was like I’m sorry I can’t and he kept insisting but after 3 try’s he started walking away. I stayed in my car for a good 2 minutes trying to get myself together and as I started merging on to my lane I noticed he turned his truck on and started following me so I came off a exit and started driving up to a dark street. I was so paranoid and scared to know that a car was following me, and I drove for like 10 minutes before I headed back home. And it made me realize that if I would have gaven that man a ride who knows what would of happened. I’m just so glad it’s over